The Village of Bowen Agendas


November 9th 2022 meeting.

Village of Bowen Phone: 217/842-9060
123 East 5th
Street (Village Hall) Fax: 217/842-9040
P.O. Box 167
Bowen, IL 62316
Regular Meeting November 9, 2022
7:00PM at Bowen Village Hall

A. Call Meeting to Order

B. Approval of October Regular Meeting Minutes

C. Recognize Visitors/Public Comment

D. Old Business
1. Open bids for surplus backhoe (1994 Cat 416B backhoe) and take action (accept/reject bids).
2. Discuss and take action on Resolution No. 2022-6 to approve public comment rules for
Village board meetings.
3. Discuss and take action on Ordinance 449 to amend Sec. 2 of Ordinance 416 re waste
collection fee (and add rates to be charged for years 2023-2028, to correspond with yearly
increases stated in waste collection agreement.)
4. Discuss and take action on Ordinance. No. 448, the proposed tax levy ordinance for
FY2022-23 (to be adopted at or before the December board meeting.)
5. Discuss and take action on the final costs from WL Miller (Invoice 2859) for seal coating and
chipping Village streets. Total payment of $108,365.35 to be paid from MFT fund.

E. Communications:
1. Village President's Report.
2. Water Superintendent's Report.
3. Treasurer's Report.

F. New Business:
1. Discuss and take action on the purchase of two new trail cameras for the Village.
2. Discuss and take action on CD account 3384 which has a maturity date of 11/13/2022 (to
withdraw the funds or make changes in the term.) The new maturity date is 5/13/2023.
3. Other New Business - FOR DISCUSSION ONLY

G. Executive Session, if needed.

H. Approval of Bills.

I. Adjourn meeting.

Next Village Board Meeting: December 14th, 2022, at 7:00 p.m.
Location: Village of Bowen Hall 123 East 5th
Street Bowen, IL